What types of addictions are there?

          Substances (alcohol, tobacco, drugs)                                





          Love (co-dependents)

          Personalities (OCD, OCPD)

          Electronics (TV, video games, phone...)




from Addiction is Possible!

It may not be your fault but there are solutions that can help you recover!

          Work (workaholic)

          Being Unhappy




          Adrenaline (high risk activities)


          Internet (Facebook)

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How does addiction start?

Addiction can affect adults and children regardless of race or gender.  Some people are born with genetic tendencies towards addiction, especially when there is a history of addiction in their family.  A significant number of people develop an addiction after a traumatic event such as abuse, neglect, or PTSD.  Others begin from habit, experimentation, or peer influence.  Trying to cope with life by self medicating with a substance, behavior, or person often results in addiction.   What follows is often feelings of shame, withdraw from family & interests, and depression.

Why is it so difficult to stop?

Resent research shows that a true addiction is a disease in the brain that severely limits a person's will to stop.  But there are solutions that can help and recovery is possible in many cases.  Research also shows that the percentage of people who do recover is significantly higher when they have support.

Understanding Addiction