Leave Blank


Ever heard someone say, actions speak louder than words, all he wants is sex, I wish she wanted me the way I want her, If they realy loved me they would....  These are the expressions of those who have yet to discover the power of the 5 love languages.  Many couples suffer, not from a lack of love, but from a lack of understanding their partner's language of love.  Much like the frustration that might occure trying to communicate with foreigners, couples struggle communicating love and needs effectively when they don't understand their partner's love language.  But there is a solution!  Learning their love language will open up a whole new way of relating and this can be both satisfying and exciting - when we truely connect with someone we love and need love from.  Imagine the possibilities if your partner knew your love language and used it frequently to meet your needs!  Now imagine how learning theirs might transform them, your relationship, and your life!